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Monday, November 7, 2011

Another email from Aric!
Ola Familia!
Tudo Bem? Tudo Bem para mim! Everything is going well that is... lol
I mailed off some photos on thursday, we get prints super cheap, and every week we get $6 on our church cards for free spending. I plan to send the memory card home this week, though i might do it sooner if the store has memory cards to buy.
Anyways, things are great even when its hard to think it is. I'm learning so much and becoming more and more at easy with talking with strangers and things. Portugues is coming along really well,  I haven't quite hit the wall I think, but even when I do its more like a loop where I learn a ton or become a little more fluent with what ive learned then learn a little more and so on.
Being here at the MTC has totally given me a lot of direction for my life perspective as far as things I
want to do and how I view my own life. For example, I've made up my mind I want to go to BYU Provo and work at the MTC after my mission. I want to learn Portugues more in depth as well as all the other Latin based languages because they all are so similar. Also, there are Italian districts in my branch, I can understand more or less most of what the Anziani (elders) say. And I know for myself its the same with Spanish. French might be more different but i figure after my missionI'ill study portugues, spanish, italian, and french. I should be able to become fluent really quickly and then after that challenge myself with more and different languages. Anyway, another thing I'm learning at alot is what kind of Husband I want to be after my mission. Having a companion 24/7 teaches a lot and not only that but every time we have a SED or devotional I always learn more about how I want to be for my eternal companion.
Seriously, a mission changes you from day one and its seriously exponential at least if you come willing to to change for the Lord and for your people you serve. I have to say tho, the men in my district, both the ones still here and the ones already gone are truly my best friends and there is a brotherhood among us that I know for a fact exsisted before this life and will exsist beyond this life. It has only served to make me a better person. Of these men, Elder Stradley, from day one, has become my best friend. And considering we will go home the same time, I know we will be in touch after our mission and our brotherhood will continue. I truly love the people here at the MTC and already i love the people of Boston. I know that love will only grow beyond what I can imagine. I also know that with lots of faith, prayer and diligence I'll be speaking fluently by 14 Dec when i leave for Boston.
Things are well. idk (I Don't Know) if you all got my letter about my fav scriptures yet but if not i have three verses that are all time favorites. The 3 verses are Alma 31:5, Ephesians 6:12, and Isaiah 12:2 
I can't wait to hear from you all. My district is getting kinda ancy because we wanna get to the temple about 915 before the last endowment session. So im going to get off now. I love you all and I look forward to your letters. One thing that makes a bad day great and a great day the best is when  I get something in the mail from someone. Tell the truth I'm dying for opportunities and reasons to write people. BTW (By The Way) I keep forgetting my first few days here I met an Elder Stranski, the younger brother of the same Elder Matt Stranski who served in the great state of Indiana! lol I swear they look like twins, only the younger is smaller.   Anyway, I better go. Expect a letter in a couple days...
with love,
elder aric mullins

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