Friday, November 25, 2011

November 14, 2011 email - "Walk Around the Temple"

Bom dia familia

I’m doing well! This week I’m trying to SYL the ENTIRE WEEK!! Today will be the hardest because it’s Pday, so pray for my success please!!

Yesterday was like the best day ever!!! The talks were really great, but the very best part was when Elder Stradley and I went on the Sunday walk. Our district had gone without us. So we went as they were coming back. It’s been kind of wet out, it rained yesterday, so they didn’t stay as long as they could. So Elder Stradley and I went ran into a good friend of ours Vanhin Edwards, he's going to Finland and will leave about the same time as us… Then we stopped to talk to the Anziani, the Italian Elders, in our branch who came the same day as us. When we were about to leave, we start walking the way we came. All of the sudden I get the feeling/idea to go the other way around the temple

opposite of how we came. So I suggest it to Elder Stradley (who btw is now the sr companion) so we walk off that way. On our way we come across a district of elders and sisters and I just pass through with an excuse me in Portuguese. Well they ask what language we are learning. Elder Stradley tells them. They, as it turned out, were a brand new district that came in Wed and are going to Sweden. They asked if we were going to Brazil but as soon as I said no were going to Boston, (after the surprise registered on them) this Sister comes running over to me all excited. Sister Brinton, as it turned out, lived in Boston for 3 years before coming on her mission. We got to talking about Boston and things and we ask if there was anyone who spoke Portuguese that we should seek out... turns out she knew a family who does and she brought them to church once. The wife was really excited about it all, and though they haven’t been converted or anything...yet... they would be a good family to see. Elder Stradley and I got the names down and yeah it was just sooo so so so so so awesome to meet that sister. We never would have if I hadn’t listened to the Spirit to go the other way. Apparently, as she told us, everyone our age is like really adamant about missionary work so there will be a ton of help from members. Also apparently a lot of RM's who speak Portuguese go to Boston so I’m sure that’s really going to help.

So yeah I really wanted to tell you all that. It’s amazing how used to the Spirit I’m becoming, like following his promptings without realizing it in the moment. But it’s just so awesome. Sundays and Tuesdays and Thursdays you get these spiritual highs from teaching that you want to just go teach now but then days between it wears off and sometimes you might get discouraged but as soon as you do you have another high lol

So I did get your care pack on Saturday. Thank you all so much. I have a drawer full of candy and had to move things around.

So I wanted to share a scripture with you all. Because I know the gift of tongues is real. In D&C 11:21 it talks about when you obtain the word of God and then go and open your mouth and preach He will loosen your tongue. Well, I know he means literally because before my mission I could not hardly roll an “R” to save my life. Now my tongue literally is loose enough that I can do it fairly easily. It’s awesome how much the Lord does for us. It’s sad though that a lot of Elders aren’t really mature enough to see that, but I’m grateful that the Lord changes that with a mission.

It’s funny, every Sunday night they show Films. We get to choose which we go to but there’s usually like 5 choices and 2 in languages other than English every Sunday night after the SED. It’s funny but to me sad that there’s usually a movie, such as Legacy or Joseph Smith prophet of the restoration or the Testaments where there’s a kiss really quick or something romantic/sweet and everyone whoops and hollers.

I love you all and I’ll write today.

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  1. I really liked the part about listening to the spirit. It is indeed true that as you listen to what the Lord wants you to do the more you hear and the more you hear the less you hesitate about doing what you are pormpted. This leads to a very spiritual life.