Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Ola" from the MTC

"Hi every one!
Its another p-day everything is going great!  Today we decided to get up early and do laundry first then go to the temple so we can beat the mad rush and get everything done right away. I wont be able to check email after this session until next monday so keep that in mind if you reply. lol
So I've learned so much not only about teaching by the spirit and following the spirit but also about my mission. We met an Elder who is going to serve in Las Vegas. The kool thing is he is orginally from portugal and was living in Brazil when he came here. We were talking to him and it turns out there are 3 entire dialects of portuguese in the Boston area and they are very different. So obviously there are a lot of Brazilians there
and logically enough there will be a decent number of portuguese people. But aparently, if you remember that whole Haitian-creio branch thing, well apparently thats a dialect of portuguese.  I have no clue at all what that sounds like but the other day, our ``investigator´´ Tacio became our other teacher. His name is actually Brother Logan Paulich. Well, one of his bosses came to help teach, his name was Brother De Groot. He served in Portugal and could switch between both the brazil and portugal dialect. He noticed Elder Stradley and I had the portugal language books unlike the entire rest of our district. So he spoke a little of that dialect. Let me tell you what, it is not at all what im learning to speak. There are like all these subtle little clicks in the tongue and everything and its so much faster. After hearing it I'm now positive of what i thought about Brazilian portuguese, which is that it is like a southern drawl in english. Its a lot slower, and laid back and chill. Its very much a casual and ``lazy´´ language but in a good way, I love it. So its going to be interesting getting to boston and have to learn to understand and speak 2 additional dialects of a language in addition to english and possibly even spanish.
So since being here I've changed a lot of little habits both like personally and with scripture study. Mom will appreciate that first thing after i pray in the morning i make my bed, every day, which is more than many elders do. Also i'm following the council of Elder Richard G Scott who spoke at our Devotional last tuesday. I'm keeping records of all the really good memories, more specifically i'm keeping a study journal as i study the scriptures and as i have impressions from the spirit. The kool thing, as ive done that, ive had more impressions to write down throughout the day.
So i mentioned we lost one elder to the Brazil MTC because he got his visa. Well we lose 2 more tomorrow. This week we think well probably lose another two. In fact we add a new district in our branch, which was like another 10 elders, and already 4 of them are leaving including their district leader, so sunday it was announced that a new one was assigned.  As elders leave, new ones fill their bunks so this week or next we will probably have new roommates.    Its really crazy though because technically our district shouldn't exsist. All the brazil missionaries here, are not supposed to be here. In fact, all of them are waiting on visas to the Sao Paulo MTC in brazil. Then theres the fact that I and Elder Stradley and at least 2-4 other elders are here, will soon be here, or were already here for the Boston portugues mission. We are the odd balls because apparently we are the only US based portugues speaking mission. Missionaries temporarily reassigned while awaiting visas typically either are sent to boston or to english state side missions.
I love you guys, take care. i got the care pack thanks and i look forward to hear from you all"

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