Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Email Approved for Friends by the Mission President

Aric says that the Mission President allows him to communicate with ANYONE via email!
Aric said he would love to hear from everyone by email because he knows it can be easier for our fast pace lives. He gets to read email on P-Day at the public library (if its open). So, drop him a short "Hello" if you get the chance.


Possibility of a NEW Portuguese Area - and a move!

How are you? All is well for me. My mission is really hard, though i never expected it to be easy. I have learned that the Lord really does ask a lot from me, just as He says will happen in my Patriarchal blessing. I realize I need the spirit now more than ever because i know He requires i be a leader to everyone around me, especially all those i serve with. i really dont know what i should do other than press on in faith, enduring my challenges and being faithful and true to my covenants and my Heavenly Father.