Friday, November 25, 2011

Monday 21 November 2011 - "Two Portuguese speaking Elders named Mullins"

Dear family,

How are all of you? I did get your care pack, it is awesome. I still have chips and salsa and I’m saving the IBC for Thanksgiving lol. I got so many letters this week. lol I got some from grandma and grandpa, you all, grandma Virgie, and one big one from seminary with letters from most of the seminary class.

SYL last week turned more into a really super ESYL (Effective SYL) which is basically using it as much as you can, but still using some English. So this week I'm setting the goal again and going to work hard to SYL all the time.

So I’m not going to play soccer anymore even if they do open the field again. Last Wednesday some elders, idk if they were new or what, but they were totally disregarding the rules of MTC soccer and someone ended up slide tackling me. Thankfully I’m not injured, but the next day it hurt so bad to walk because he straight out kicked both ankles from under my feet. We gave him the benefit of doubt when he claimed he didn’t know. But regardless I’m just going to stick to jump rope, calisthenics, and knock out from now on.

Anyways I need you all to do something for me. Go to, sign on my account, and put a picture on for me so it can finish. Yesterday we had to make one and funnily enough, mine was done but needed a pic. So I just updated things and now I just need a picture. So I really don’t remember what all I’ve told yall already in my letters. It’s hard to keep events separated into days. Each day is about a week or week and a half so I’m not sure what is what lol... and to think in the mission field time passes faster than here at the MTC.

Anyways so much has happened this week idk what to talk about or what I’ve already said. Anyways I’m learning so much I really don’t know how I can process it all. Its soo crazy. Everyday literally is a new day. Kind of like Groundhog Day the movie where the day repeats. like that but not... lol its like it in that it’s like hitting the reset button every night but at the same time it’s not like the same thing happens every day... more like every week almost. The experiences are always different but what happens seems as though it changes a very little.... it’s crazy to think I’m almost done with the MTC though.

At last night’s devotional a district had a musical performance. A sister sang while an ASL district signed the song. One ofEelder Stradley's friends was in that district which was cool. But what was amazing, because of our callings and the spirit and its gifts, if a person were called to serve, it wouldn’t matter to where, or speaking whatever language, we can do all things. Because the Lord is asking us to do certain things, we can do them no matter what they are. Whereas outside of here, trying to do the same things but without the Lord and the Spirit like the world does... you can never be as successful.

Oh yea.... looking at my journal, thank goodness for it too, Friday it snowed. Though it warmed up again sort of and I think it rained last night so it’s pretty much gone except on the mountains...

Last night out bearing our testimonies, we went over to the room the new Anziani (Italian elders) in our branch are staying, and while the Anziani weren’t there I bore my testimony. I met an elder going to Indiana! His name was Elder Hale idr though he's from Denver Colorado. Really nice fellow. He’ll be there in about 3 weeks so right about the time I get to Boston. Also the other night out bearing testimony we met two brand new Portuguese speaking elders going to Brazil. One of which was named Elder Mullins!!!! He’s from Oregon though, so likely not a close relation that we know of. But he’s nice and I keep running into him so tomorrow after the choir practice for the devotional we’re going to get some pictures.

Soon I’ll probably be sending my impression/study journal home because its more than half way full. I figure yall will like to read it.

Well gtg I love you all. I’ll be writing today. Pray for Boston and all the Bostonite missionaries and I’ll see yall soon!

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