Thursday, April 19, 2012

Still In Brockton

hey all, 

Everything is going well. Those missionaries Sister Worthen ran into were my Zone Leaders lol. Too bad she didnt run into me, granted i was farther downtown. Even then i wasnt in downtown boston very long. We just met up with a couple other elders then went way to the other side of the boston metropolitan area to Alewife way, to the north and west of boston proper, to play soccer with a bunch of other elders for Pday.
I'm doing well, except i hurt (not injured) my foot playing soccer  lol  but ill be alright.  today we have a bunch of lessons planned after we do email. Tomorrow we'll have a ton to do as well between district meeting, weekly planning, and teaching. Its going to be a crazy day, let alone this transfer, what with all the people to teach which we cant well handle. However one of our solid investigators is going back to Cape Verde next week for about a month to see his wife and family. She is a RM and active in the church so that should help him stay on track to get baptized. His big thing now is just getting to church so he can be baptized. He understands all the doctrine really well and reads each day and all its just getting him into the water at this point, but with the trip to Cape Verde he might (which we think would be a great idea) just get baptized there so his wife can be in attendance.  Anyways, with him going it should allow us crucial time to focus on a few other people. At this point were just reading the BOM with him and teaching lessons from gospel principles.
One family that would be great to have more time to focus on, but is kinda hard to right now, is Mila and her family. She is a new investigator we picked up like 2 weeks ago through a young man preparing to go on his mission named Quinzin (pronounced Keen-zeen). They work together and quinzin is like family to them (granted everyone from cape verde has some kinda relation anyways lol). Mila has a husband, 2 daughters (Heda is 20 yrs old and Nilsi is 21) both in college, and 2 sons (ages 3 and 5).  Mila's family are really solid people. They're catholics, but true christians, and Mila has been on Quinzin for years to either go on a mission or go to school. Shes really open to the gospel, as is her daughters, so we've been teaching them with quinzin but right now we only see them wednesday nights. We're planning to see them again saturday.  Anyways im hoping this goes to baptism, theyre so solid.
anyways, thats a little about the work here. I wrote more about my week so far in the letters i sent in the post this morning. this week has been just non stop on the go kinda busy, but its been good.

hows dad's shoulder? better i hope. How was the fire? was anyone hurt?  did anyone roast marshmallows on the fire? what else is new? anything?
well... until later,
love always,

A Visit from Sister Worthen!

Well... almost.Sister Worthen was in Boston this week and saw a couple missionaries walking the street. Sadly, it was not Aric. Those elders placed a call to Aric but could only leave a message. Although Aric is currently assigned to the Brockton area, he was in Boston at the same time! He was, per his email, "...farther downtown ... (then) to Alewife Way ..."

So close! Thanks for looking out Deneen

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Email Approved for Friends by the Mission President

Aric says that the Mission President allows him to communicate with ANYONE via email!
Aric said he would love to hear from everyone by email because he knows it can be easier for our fast pace lives. He gets to read email on P-Day at the public library (if its open). So, drop him a short "Hello" if you get the chance.

Possibility of a NEW Portuguese Area - and a move!

How are you? All is well for me. My mission is really hard, though i never expected it to be easy. I have learned that the Lord really does ask a lot from me, just as He says will happen in my Patriarchal blessing. I realize I need the spirit now more than ever because i know He requires i be a leader to everyone around me, especially all those i serve with. i really dont know what i should do other than press on in faith, enduring my challenges and being faithful and true to my covenants and my Heavenly Father.