Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One last week at the MTC - Email from Aric 12/05/11


How are you all?  I'm great! This past week I got my travel plans for the 14th. My plane leaves at like 7 or 8   idr lol but it’s a one way flight to Boston I’ll get there about 5 in the afternoon. There’s going to be like 15 people in my travel group.  Anyways today I’m going to send a package with books and things I don’t need as well as the letters I wrote this past week. 

So I did get to see the Christmas devotional. We watched it the hour after it showed bc 7 o clock is when we have our SED's but it aired live at 6.  Anyways afterwards I and most of our district went to see for the movie night part, a talk Elder Bednar gave about following the spirit which was really super awesome. Seriously, I know there are really awesome apostles, each has their own focus and ways of teaching or whatever, but Elder Bednar is my favorite, IDK why but there's something special about him.

Btw does the lol contest thing count if it’s on the email lol? 

So Elder Cain is leaving tomorrow, and we will get another companion, Elder Jarmon. He is in the other Portuguese district. But as of tomorrow he will be the last of his. But there is an issue because our teachers are hired for the time that we are here. If he joins our district his teachers are fired and when we leave he will have one week still, which means he would be without a teacher.  So either he will join another Portuguese branch or Elder Stradley and I will join into his district and get new teachers for our last week. But we won’t know until tonight.  Anyways.......  que mais 

I can’t believe I have one week left. I’m pretty sure I've been here 8 days not 8 weeks... but next thing I know you all will be telling me I’ve been gone 8 months.... wow 

Oh yeah yesterday was so rad.  Normally for Sundays we get up have a meager breakfast study until about 9 then go to Elders’ quorum. we then study more or do the computerized assessment Sunday activity things until 1130 which is lunch at 1230 starts sacrament for our small italian/portugues branch immediately after that we walk to the temple then return for district meeting which is like Sunday school for our district then we have choir usually then dinner and devotional. then after devotional is movie night for an hour and they always have like 4 movies and one of the movies play in two extra locations in 2 different languages. By then it’s 930 and time to get ready for bed. 

Well yesterday was fast Sunday you know. So from 10 until 12 is mission conference which is exactly like one session of general conference and sadly there is no choir. But it was really cool.  The mtc president, pres Brown always asks a sister then an Elder to come bear their testimony before he delivers his talk. And he called up a sister Katie Richardson.  She was so awesome.  So aside from her testimony being able to be really felt like a warm fire (literally) she had as beautiful Scottish accent as she was pretty.  It was serious so kool to hear in real life as opposed to on doctor who lol 

Speaking of pictures ill be sending some today with the mail as well... there is one photo you all will especially enjoy to see    ... lol 

oh also after tomorrow I think I’m going to mail home my special blue book its a study journal that I kept everything as far as impressions and notes from devotionals and things I felt were of spiritual import so ill send that home that you all can study  or I might send it today   well see.. lol 

Ugh so I have less than 4 minutes.... um  que mais.....  idk what else to talk about  I’m just excited to re-read your guys letters and get your letters in soon   oh btw, this Sunday you should mail the letters to the mission home in Boston or else it will take 2 weeks for me to get them  make sure to tell everyone else that. 

I love you all, and I’m excited to get to Boston. I’m thinking of you all always in my heart and I know all will be well.   I’m doing my best to be a good boy, like Elder Bednar taught, so that the spirit can use me at any time... btw you all should look that talk of his up   idr the title but he makes mention of being a good boy or girl and honor your covenants and the spirit will use you and you’ll never know it.

 Well love you all ttyl    aric

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