Monday, December 19, 2011

First assignment...Framingham, MA !!!!

Dear Family,

How are you all? Its my first Pday in Boston. Funny thing is that I'm neither in Brockton or Cambridge! Turns out there's like 5 or 6 Portuguese areas. I'm in Framingham. Our area is more Hispanic/Brasileiro but it's remnants of a former Portuguese Branch that no longer exists. If I remember there's Marlborough, Framingham, Cambridge/Boston, Brockton and Bedford that are Portuguese and definitely more but idr.    Anyways, my companion is Elder Ponce. He's really cool, he goes home in April/May. He was born in Brazil but left when he was 9 and has lived in Houston Texas for 12 years.
We live in Natick, down the road from the mission office and live with the two office Elders.  BTW don't send packages to the office or i wont see them until transfers/meetings.  Send it to 8 Harding Road Natick, MA.
Anyways I love being here, but this mission needs a lot of help.  I'll write about it all today. Anyways its all good.  So whats up?  I cant wait for that Christmas photo.  I got your letters and package, i loved it all.  Sorry, I already opened the pack but i loved everything in it and use that blanket and everything all the time. I've already eaten all the snickers but its funny because I'm still eating that bag of skittles from before thanksgiving lol.
Its pretty cold here in Boston but its good.  We have already met with some Portuguese speaking families, though theres only 2 in our ward.  The chapel we meet at is so far from Framingham though, its in the middle of nowhere like 20-30 min away from our house.  Its redonkulous.   Anyways its kool because I understand most of what people say in Portuguese or Spanish.   I cant hardly speak Spanish enough to communicate well without accidentally using Portuguese. Apparently, my Portuguese is well enough that people understand me. Anyways, I'm excited and determined to work hard and be a leader, even if I'm a greenie, and even if my area is a "desert" so to speak.
I'm allowed to email everyone. So give my email to whoever and everyone because i would love to hear from people. i don't really get mail except from you all. but its good.
Whats new with the family? hows dads shoulder?
Write to me today the number to call because I'm allowed to skype home on Christmas. Hows grandma and papa and everyone else?
My zone covers all of Boston south of the river from the coast until about Marlborough and the city right south of that.  idk how to describe the shape of my zone.  I guess Cambridge is like THE place to be.  idk what else to say. its great though, i love it I'm just taking things as they come until i know how to go through everything myself. i get trained for 12 weeks so i might be here awhile who knows.   Elder Stradley is over in Marlborough but we get to see him Saturdays when we teach our English class.
so I'm learning alot about having love for others though. its very kool.
well, i love you all and cant wait to hear from y'all.
Merry Christmas
Love, Aric

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