Monday, October 17, 2011

The First Letter(s)!!!

We got our first letter, I mean letters from Aric today. That's right not one, but two! Both were wrote on his first night.

Aric writes, "...(day one) was such a challenging day ... I've already learn so much and it goes back to gospel basics - A of F 4 and faith, hope, & charity."

His companion is Elder Matthew Sam Stradley. Elder Stradley is from West Jordan, UT and was born just 16 days after Aric. They will probably be companions in the mission field too! That's right, Elder Stradley is also called to serve in the MA-Boston Mission as a Portugues speaking missionary! How exciting. Aric and Elder Stradley are the only two Portudues speaking missionaries in their district who are not going to Central and/or South America.

Unfortunitely, the second letter was to inform us he need $21.00 for a flu shot. lol - At least it's mail!!!

He promises to write at least twice a week while at the MTC.

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